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Hi guys it's Blerian here. So it is about time we make a wiki for Pokemon Tower Defense's sequel.

Pokemon Tower Defense

Go to Pokemon Tower Defense Wiki for information about the first game.

Important Messages

Hey Guys, just trying to lay down a couple of ground rules:

  1. Search! Before you make a new page, please double check to make sure that there isn't a page that has the same information.
  2. Do not fill pages with categories that are not necessary.
  3. We do NOT appreciate links to code generators or other means of cheating. Sam has expressed discontent about the whole hacking situation and has taken drastic security steps trying to work around it. Please do not spread this around, it's practically like a slap in the face to the developer, a total lack of respect.
  4. Never spam! I'll seriously have to take action soon if it doesn't stop.
  5. Non-featured Pokemon. We have to act like all Pokemon which aren't featured in PTD aren't in existence.
  6. All trade related topics should go in the trading forum. Trade requests that appear in comments will be deleted.