y0 nigga, this pop-fly squirrel can be caught on rowt sumting like just not very far from where the red guy and his friend is when u get in the fewchure.  His statimathematics are li-ake the crappy 1st Digimon you get in every game so hell naws to you noobs who want this motherfucker on yo team.Edit

Atttack: Less than a piece of paper.

Defense: Yo shit nigga if you think this motherfucker can go up against a lightning mouse, you best be mistaking.

Special Attack: 3000000x the power of Alakazam, fool.

Special Defense: Screw this stat, no one pays attention to this.

Speed:  Nigga, this is basically a slow Diglet with no Earthquake but tackle.  This guy can probably walk across Equestria in ~10000000000000000000000000000000000000 PokeAsh years.

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